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    Post by fifaftw on 15/2/2014, 00:10

    Name: Mohamed

    Age: 18

    IGN: Penny

    Location: most of my family live in United States,Houston,Texas (Nationality: egypt).

    Languages: English, Arabic & French (my French isn't that fluent).

    Hours online: 9-15 Hours per day, can be more but not going to be less than that and I'll be always doing my Job.

    What do you apply for: Game Assistant / Supporter

    why do you think you should be in our team? What can you change in Ortai?

    First of all, I like it to work in a Team, help other Players and answer their questions. It´s great to create new ideas with a community and a Server-Team. The Community is the most important point of a succesful Server, so i want to work together with the players of Ortai I was a very valued GM who obeyed the rules and didn't change them to suit my own needs. I don't spawn myself mobs or items to better myself. I believe it ruins the game when a GM uses his commands to gain an advantage,I been working with a team that is unknown, cannot say the name, working with them on a server for the longest time now(also cannot say the date). I pledged to not tell also I can develope stuffs add npc,tab,group,items,but still newbie but i prefer Game Assistant / Supporter job because I can do it as well and it's more easier i want to give ortai something such as Hosting events, communicate with the player, solving problems. Giving attention to every kind of problem and supporting beginner.

    Extra information about myself: I'm not that kinda wasted person who'll stop replying and talking to people after being a Game Assistant or even a GM, cause this is my duty to help people also I can make the game more easier for a begginers I'm kinda active so can spend a lot of time on answering the question.

    hobbies and interests:
    1. Gardening, with an emphasis on vegetables and herbs.
    2. Lifetime Member of the Cooking Club of America
    3. Playstation 3 video games, mostly action/adventure.
    4. Online classes in different topics, some with certificates of completion.
    6- Football
    7- swim

    Describe myself: Friendly , Honest , Communication , loyal , mature , trustful , Helpful and Experienced


    Skype: fifauwk07

    P.S: i have been working in a lot of successful projects such as silkcore.net has 800 + players!

    I hope I haven't forgotten anything.
    Yours sincerely,

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