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    Game Assistant / Supporter

    Post by Vaphu on 19/2/2014, 07:18

    Hello, Alan here. I'm 19 years old and I live in Poland.

      What can i say. I can fluently speak in polish and english language, I am also communicative, friendly, trustful and helpful.
    I'm playing SRO since 80 cap on Isro, don't remember exactly how much time is it, but enough to know this game very well. I'm also experienced supporter, I was on this position on Overlimit for about 6 months and later on Ludoworks Network, but only on this multicap server. I don't want to write here what i'm interested in on my personal life, because that's not the point.

    Why I want to get on this position?
         Its simple, i like when server is balanced, and cleaned up from cheaters/spammers/buggers etc. I also want to help other ppl.

    How much time can i spend to help players?
          It depends on my day, how much i have to do for school and my normal life. But i can say that it's about 5 hours in week, and ofc more in weekend, like 9h maybe.

    If you want more informations about me, simple answer in this topic or pm me on skype: prestigi01

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    Post by Xaron on 19/2/2014, 07:26

    Xaron approvs!

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    Post by Hyperlast on 22/2/2014, 04:56

    Hyperlast also approvs!

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