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    [RED] Guild


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    [RED] Guild

    Post by Xaron on 19/2/2014, 07:43

    ...:::Short About Us:::...

    RED - Polish well known Guild on many other pserver like
    Swsro/elitesro/velestia/theta/skalidor etc. Always on top.

    ...:::How to Join:::...

    In the first place we are looking for every old member who played with us before.
    As I already wrote We are Polish so we are not creating international guild.
    Ofc we are not able to get full guild with our old members so we also looking for new people.
    - Polish (speaking decant english also)
    - Active on job/fw
    - Mature and experienced
    - Ginger! (mentally xD)

    In Game pm to: Xaron Hyperlast Cristable Szefunio

    ...:::Facebook FanPage:::...

    SilkroadRedGuild - We are posting here our Screens, videos etc. Check it out. *


    We also have lots of videos on YouTube!

    Here is out Guild Video on Swsro.

    Here some shots form Theta

    And here is my latest video recorded on skalidor cooperated with RED guild Members!
    Ofc there is much more u can check it on my YT channel: sk8Server

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    Re: [RED] Guild

    Post by Fonica on 19/2/2014, 14:50

    Seems so good to me i am in will search for you downloading ortai atm!

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    Re: [RED] Guild

    Post by Xaron on 20/2/2014, 10:09

    Guild is already 20/25 and got almost every of old members! So If u want to join hurry up!

    Looking for Good and proffesional International Union pm me in game : Xaron

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    Re: [RED] Guild

    Post by Hyperlast on 22/2/2014, 04:17

    We're full.

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    Re: [RED] Guild

    Post by FreeStyle on 22/2/2014, 05:13

    i whan't come name Mys3lf 100 lv glavie some donate'd english is perfect Very Happy Job thief all time alone goin need some team because now all player make self strong im not nub but need good team ant active in fw job ctf and more Wink pm me

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    Re: [RED] Guild

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