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    Post by Admin Nightiz on 25/2/2014, 09:08

    Ortai(s) Video Constest is now live!
    Duration : 25 of February - 6 of March
    Rules & Tips :
    • Avoid advertising your own char or guild, focus on promoting the server.
    • Try to show the best features of the server and don't waste time by showing general silkroad features, a good example is suit of fame.
    • Be sure to start and finish the video with a logo of Ortai & our website, using some great effects will give you extra chances to win.
    • Do not copy, create.
    • Give a link of our facebook page, register & download on the description of the video.
    • Use this title : Ortai Silkroad Trailer
    • Make sure your video has a great quality.
    • If you will take part on this event - Like & Share
    Reward for the winner : Youtuber title & 2.000 Ortai silk
    The winner will be announced at 7th of March. Happy editing!

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