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    Guild ''Connoisseurs''


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    Guild ''Connoisseurs'' Empty Guild ''Connoisseurs''

    Post by Miraculous on 13/2/2014, 16:50

    Guild ''Connoisseurs'' Pizap_15

    There's Miraculous

    Finally we Found a Great Server Like [Ortai] ..Back us to Old School days
    So we decided to Create Guild Connoisseurs..and we 'll work very hard as we can to guild become better in server..we know that's will be hard at Beginning..but we can do it

    Guild [Connoisseurs] Looking For Members Professional & Active .Learn About FTW
    Speak Proper English..Helpful Members Respectable''

    i will give a abit information about our guild ''Connoisseurs''

    -We have a professional team playing silkroad since a long years
    and have a good experince in it

    -Our Guild International..about language we prefer ''English''

    -However we must have a conversation group to contact each other..prefer it to be in Skype..cause it's important for fortress war times

    -about facebook group name 'll be [Guild Connoisseurs]
    Link facebook.com/groups/ConnoisseursTeam/

    -Our Guild Friendly Helpful Respectable

    -Our Team Playing Silkroad Since a long time have a good experince..and played in many servers before

    -Our Guild Joping 'll be [Traders/Hunters]

    -Guild Tag Joping : Co_

    -Also we have Rules u must follow it Like.
    Don't Insult Guild or union members
    Be Friendly And Helpful with each other
    u Must be Active at Fortress Time

    -As we know Guild Limit 25 Members only & Union 3 Guild Limit
    That's give us a care for every member will join with us in guild
    so we must be have awesome team.not join random ppl


    If u intersted to join with us ..u can contacting me on skype name [sherefwahdan] or replay here ur IGN

    Best Wishes
    ''Miraculous'' afro

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    Post by SmileToDeath on 13/2/2014, 17:27

    Good Jop Bro ..'ll Join

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    Post by Morgarath on 15/2/2014, 03:57

    Good luck mate Smile

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