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    A little suggestion


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    A little suggestion Empty A little suggestion

    Post by Rakatar20 on 20/2/2014, 06:15

    Honestly, I dont know how many people have problem about this thing, but I think it would be great, if the party invite request window can be in another place and not in the middle of the screen. I think there are lots of bots here who spam FFA/FFA pt & sometimes if you are not in with bot/plussing items it can be a real **** until you disable pt matching or get into a pt.

    My suggestion is simple as the picture shows below.

    Take a look for my examlpe:

    A little suggestion Sugges10

    Its not a very important suggestion... unless you did everything on the server and the Ortai Team is starving for new suggestions, you can use this one Very Happy

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